Help save Tyttenhanger!

Tyttenhanger is a swathe of countryside that lies between the villages of London Colney to the south and Colney Heath to the north. It is Green Belt land. An area of wide-open spaces, much of it farmland, criss-crossed by footpaths and bridleways with belts of mature woodland and newer plantations. The land has a long history of quarrying for sand and gravel and, while much of it has been restored, Tarmac still quarry a large area to the south. The restored areas feature a number of lakes and a variety of habitats particularly attractive to birds and other wildlife. It is a beautiful place to walk, cycle and birdwatch. It provides a vital escape for people and their families amidst their busy lives. It’s a place to seek fresh air, calmness and serenity – and to enjoy nature at its very best. The Hertsmere Draft Local Plan could change all of this.

Tyttenhanger is under serious threat from the Hertsmere Draft Local Plan

Hertsmere Borough Council would like to build 6,000 new houses (with an option of possibly 12,000 long term) that would require a large part of the area to be bulldozed. The resulting new village – Bowmans Cross – would swamp the whole site and bring with it a massive increase in infrastructure, people, traffic, air and light pollution and noise. The wild, open spaces and vistas would be lost to an urbanised environment with heavily managed (and manicured) green spaces, a pale shadow of the current rich biodiversity enjoyed by the site.


We must stop Bowmans Cross!

Save Tyttenhanger! is a non-political group, run by volunteers working to stop the Bowmans Cross development in its current form. We are incredibly fearful of Hertsmere Borough Council’s plans for such a site and the permanent impact on the environment and surrounding residents. Bowmans Cross is a monster in the making, one that will destroy Tyttenhanger forever, decimate the Green Belt and place a huge additional burden on London Colney and Colney Heath, Potters Bar, Shenley, Smallford, Sleapshyde, St Albans and Hatfield.


What can you do to help?

If you value your neighbourhood and environment, then please support us. As Hertsmere Borough Council’s Draft Local Plan moves into the public consultation stage, now is the time to make our voices heard and stop Bowmans Cross from happening. Alarmingly, many London Colney, Colney Heath and St Albans residents don’t know about Bowmans Cross (a fact not helped by Hertsmere Borough Council’s covert tactics to date, their reluctancy to engage with the general public and the fact they have not published any firm details around the development and its infrastructure). Many people who regularly visit the area – hikers, cyclists, dog walkers, birdwatchers – also don’t know about what could happen to Tyttenhanger.


It’s a worrying time. We must spread the word the Hertsmere Draft Local Plan – family, friends, local residents and visitors need to know that Bowmans Cross is a very real threat to their lives – and the lives of generations to come.

The Threat:
The Facts

The threat to Tyttenhanger and the local area cannot be stressed enough. 6,000 new houses (possibly 12,000 long term) will bring an increase in people, traffic, noise and light pollution, the destruction of Green Belt land and an overwhelming demand on infrastructure.

What can you do?

If you value your neighbourhood and environment, then please support us. Comment on and object to the Hertsmere Draft Local Plan, sign the petition and please help spread the word – family, friends and local residents need to know that Bowmans Cross is a very real threat to everyone’s lives.

The opportunity